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Chemical technology is one of the most crowded spaces in the intellectual property landscape. Differentiating technologies from the competition is the battle all chemical companies face. Our clients must constantly determine how to provide the precise evidence needed to distinguish their inventions from those already on the market. On top of this challenge, issued patents are often challenged by third parties – making validity of utmost importance.

Protecting and Advancing Our Clients’ IP Assets

Our ability to provide detailed support and counsel to our clients stems from our attorneys being well seasoned in a variety of chemical technology areas and having worked in the industries our clients represent. Unlike many patent attorneys who divide their practice between litigation, prosecution, licensing and other matters, our primary focus on patent prosecution enables us to obtain the most valuable and successful patents for our clients, as well as provide them with a high level of legal and scientific guidance. This guidance includes thorough understanding of the science behind the invention, detailed analysis and comprehension of the Examiner’s position and specific recommendations on the evidence and supporting experiments that will be needed to overcome rejections.

We represent a diverse mix of clients within the chemical arena, from smaller companies to the chemical powerhouses that require us to provide strategies that involve their global portfolio. Our work with these clients tends to fall within the following areas of focus:

  • Materials, including coatings, fabrics, resins, films, laminates, paints and adhesives
  • Glass compositions
  • Metals, metal complexes and alloys
  • Crystals
  • Liquid crystal compositions and devices
  • Agricultural products and methods, including herbicides, fertilizers and agrochemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Processes
  • Acrylics—processes of making and processes of use
  • Organic and inorganic compositions
  • Food products, packaging and methods of making
  • Nanotechnology and nanomaterials
  • Chemical processes
  • Catalysts and methods of use
  • Polymers
  • Electrolyte and battery technology
  • Fuel cell technology
  • Electrodeposition coating
  • Cosmetics
  • Detergents
  • Semiconductors
  • Industrial gases
  • Etching materials and methods

Experience That Delivers Results

Patent prosecution is our business and that’s why we understand the importance it holds for our clients. We excel in the understanding of the science behind the innovation, the practical application it has to our client and the strategic implication it has in the market.

In addition to years of practical experience in the industry, our chemical group has decades of experience drafting and prosecuting applications, both as attorneys representing clients and as former U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Examiners in the chemical art units. Our advanced studies in areas such as chemical engineering and polymers, combined with the close relationships we strive to build with Examiners, bring a depth of knowledge to the art of navigating the patent prosecution process. Our true specialty in the chemical application arena is helping our clients distinguish their inventions from the technology of their competitors to obtain a valid patent even in a crowded art field.

Our specific experience includes the following:

  • Application drafting and prosecution for domestic and foreign clients
  • Portfolio strategy and management
  • Infringement, validity and freedom to operate opinions
  • Appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • Patent term adjustment, extension strategy and analysis
  • Patent term maximization strategy and analysis
  • International prosecution of patent families
  • Post grant review proceedings

Our long history of working in patent prosecution has allowed us to set efficiency and quality standards, which we take very seriously. This, combined with our philosophy and dedication to learning and training, can often be the difference in delivering a successful result for our clients.

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