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Persistence Pays Off
March 6, 2015

Persistence Pays Off A Swiss biochemist named Peter Burkhard, Ph.D. developed a novel aggregation of designer proteins. The sequences of the proteins were designed so that they would self-assemble into a nanoparticle. The nanoparticle could contain...

Southern Patents Held Valid
March 9, 2015

Southern Patents Held Valid Professor Sir Edwin Mellor Southern is the inventor of the well-known “Southern blot” laboratory method for the detection of specific DNA sequences in a sample. Professor Southern is also the inventor of...


U.S. Supreme Court Changes Test for Indefiniteness of a Claim
August 7, 2015

Biosig Instruments Inc. v. Nautilus Inc. FACTS: Biosig owns U.S. Patent No. 5,337,753 (the ‘753 patent). Claim 1 of the ‘753 patent recites in relevant part: 1. A heart rate monitor for use by a user...

Success in the Green Initiative
June 12, 2014

A group of Norwegian chemists working for a large global company discovered a novel catalyst for the selective decomposition of nitrous oxide (N2O) without significant destruction of nitric oxide (NO). Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas...

Patent for DDT Yields Success
December 13, 2013

Paul Müller, a Swiss chemist working for Geigy Corporation, was employed to find a new effective insecticide. In 1939, Muller discovered that a known compound, DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), was highly effective in the control of vector diseases...


ZYRTEC® Goes Mainstream
October 7, 2014

UCB Pharmaceuticals invented a heterocyclic compound called Cetirizine, proven to be highly effective in the treatment of hay fever and allergies. Working with UCB, Wenderoth successfully obtained the U.S. patent for Cetirizine. Marketed as ZYRTEC®, in...

The Rise and Fall of LSD
February 16, 2015

Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist employed by Sandoz, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, developed several medicines from lysergic acid, which lowered blood pressure and improved brain function in the elderly. Having derived the 25th in a series...

Patent for ACTOS® Yields Success
February 10, 2015

Chemists for Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd. developed a novel heterocyclic compound named Pioglitazone, which was discovered to be highly effective in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Working on behalf of Takeda, Wenderoth obtained the U.S....

CRESTOR’S® Debut to Market
September 6, 2013

Our client, Shionogi & Co., Ltd., developed a heterocyclic compound named Rosuvastatin, discovered to be uniquely effective in the treatment of high cholesterol. Like LIPITOR®, Rosuvastatin is a “statin,” effective in reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels....

Great Strides in the Treatment of HIV
January 9, 2015

A team of chemists working for Shionogi & Co., Ltd. and GlaxoSmithKline LLC (GSK) developed a heterocyclic compound named Dolutegravir, discovered to be uniquely effective in the treatment of HIV infection. Wenderoth obtained the U.S patent...


Wenderoth Achieves Precedential Trademark Abandonment Decision In Specialty Car
June 21, 2017

In Executive Coach Builders, Inc. v. SPV Coach Company, Inc., Opposition No. 91212312 (TTAB June 21, 2017) Wenderoth successfully fended off an opposition in the specialty car industry by evidencing that Opposer Executive Coach, the largest...

Wenderoth Wins on Appeal at Trademark Board in Rare Likelihood of Confusion Decision
August 1, 2017

In In re Toell Co., Ltd., U.S. Application Serial No. 86/888,544 (TTAB August 1, 2017), the Wenderoth trademark team appealed multiple Section 2(d) likelihood of confusion refusals to register “PURE HAWAIIAN WATER & Design” for drinking...