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Technologies in the electrical arena are some of the most rapidly changing areas in which we work. Technologies that are cutting edge today can become obsolete overnight.

Protecting and Advancing Our Clients’ IP Assets

With patent prosecution as our primary focus, Wenderoth understands the importance of obtaining broad patent protection as fast as possible by conducting efficient, compact prosecution for early allowance. We also understand the importance of being current on the latest advances in the various technologies of our clients’ industries.

For over ninety years, Wenderoth has aided our clients, large and small, international and domestic, in turning bright ideas into patented inventions for a wide array of electrical technologies. From VHS, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray to streaming content devices, from CRT and plasma displays to LCD and OLED displays, and from floppy discs to SD cards and cloud storage systems, our vast experience leaves us well positioned to handle the continued evolution of electrical technologies.

Wenderoth strives to protect assets by helping our clients create a comprehensive strategy for patent protection. Unlike many patent firms that divide their practice between litigation, prosecution, licensing and other matters, our attorneys, from managing partner to newest associate, focus solely on patent prosecution. This concentration enables us to efficiently and effectively obtain the strongest and most valuable patents for our clients.

We represent a diverse mix of clients in a variety of electrical disciplines, some of whom we have worked with for over 50 years. Our work with these clients includes the following areas of focus:

• Communications systems and devices
• Image compression, image and moving picture encoding/decoding
• Image analysis
• Encryption
• Digital content distribution and digital copyright protection
• Semiconductor devices including non-volatile memory devices/integrated circuits
• Plasma displays, liquid crystal displays, OLEDs
• Touch panels
• Data processing
• Computer networking
• Error correction processing
• Medical devices
• Electrical power generation
• Circuit boards
• Chemical deposition devices
• Chip testing
• Laser technology
• Industrial control systems
• Automotive electronics
• Aeronautical control systems
• Nautical control systems
• Printers and printing controllers
• Power control systems
• Speakers
• Cellular technology
• Battery systems

Experience That Delivers Results

This one focus on prosecution has never been more important for clients in the electrical arena. With the passage and implementation of the America Invents Act and the unsettled law on the eligibility of computer implemented inventions for patent protection, it is critical that our patent attorneys have a deep understanding of the evolving law and are able to apply this knowledge to effectively protect inventions in the electrical arena, while maximizing the scope of protection and patent term. Our attorneys in the electrical practice all have degrees in engineering and most have prior work experience as Patent Examiners in various electrical technologies at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

With a passion for technology, we enjoy working directly with inventors and corporate in-house counsel to achieve the goal of obtaining patent protection for their intellectual property from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and foreign patent authorities (e.g., the Japanese Patent Office and the European Patent Office). Assisting us in this endeavor is one of the most experienced support staffs of patent professionals in the business. With this support, our attorneys are able to focus their efforts on the constantly changing law and technology, which is critical to effective patent prosecution.

Our specific experience includes the following:
• Application drafting and prosecution for domestic and foreign clients
• Portfolio strategy and management
• Infringement, validity and freedom to operate opinions
• Appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
• Patent term adjustment, extension strategy and analysis
• Patent term maximization strategy and analysis
• International prosecution of patent families
• Post grant review proceedings

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